2020 EPN COVID-19 Webinar Series 

Webinar Recording #1: PPE for Home-Based Care: It's NOT Easy 
Webinar Slides: PPE for Home-Based Care Slide Deck

Summary:  Join Dr. Amy Schiffman as she discusses the role of PPE, addressing challenges unique to home-based care, success stories, and our pathways forward. There are so many questions without clear answers and best practices aren't always clearly defined for our industry. The complexities of acquiring and utilizing personal protective equipment in the COVID pandemic have challenged health care organizations and agencies that serve home-based clients. There is a real imperative to protect staff, patients, and clients. Join us to learn more!


Webinar Recording #2: COVID-19 Misinformation - What you don't know CAN hurt you

Join Dr. Lisa Fitzpatrick from Dr. Lisa on the Street and Ama Adepa Gryn, an experienced home care CNA, as they discuss community misinformation about COVID-19 and how what you don't know CAN hurt or even kill you. Whether you are a home health aide, CNA, nurse, therapist, or administrator, join us for this important discussion. Join us and learn what's true!

Webinar Recording #3: Understanding N95 & Other Respirator Fit Testing for Home Care

Video 1-Demo Weak Solution Only - Dr. Roy McKay

Video 2-Demo Fit Test Strong Solution - Dr. Roy McKay


During the presentation Dr. Roy McKay explained the different types of N95 and other respirator fit testing available for use with home care. Because not all facepieces used in home care are fit-tested, a brief description of face masks and respirators was presented. Questions answered during the presentation included: Why conduct a fit test? What types of fit tests are available? What does a fit test look like? How long does it take? And where can I get a fit test done? 

Webinar Recording #4: COVID-19 & Chronic Conditions at Home: Looking Through Two Lenses


Dr. Mitchell provided an overview of COVID-19 and the public health response in Maryland, and discussed how home health care providers can best serve their patients in these challenging circumstances.

As COVID-19 continues to circulate, home health care providers face two challenges.  First, they must keep themselves and their patients safe from COVID-19.  Second, and equally challenging, they must evaluate clinically the ways in which COVID-19 could complicate the care of their patients if they become infected.  Even mild infections carry significant risks for people with comorbid conditions, and home health care providers must evaluate both risks and appropriate responses on a daily basis.  

Webinar Recording #5: Dementia Symptom Assessment and Management during Lockdown

Webinar Slide Presentation: Dementia Management Under Lockdown


This session described strategies to assess and manage symptoms experienced by individuals with dementia who are receiving home care during the COVID-19 era.  Information provided included innovative ideas to enhance communication, conduct visits while maintaining physical distance, and maintain physical function during lockdown.


At the end of this session, the participants were able to:

1.  Describe strategies to assess and manage symptoms experienced by individuals with dementia who are receiving home care during the COVID-19 era.

2.  Discuss innovative interventions to enhance communication, safely conduct in person visits, and maintain physical function during home restrictions.

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