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COVID-19 [The Coronavirus Pandemic]

Fact Sheets


  • COVID-19 CDC Summary Sheet: Isolation and Work Restrictions for Healthcare Personnel - Read here.
  • COVID-19 CDC Summary Sheet: Contingency and Crisis Management in the Setting of Significant Healthcare Worker Shortages -Read here.
  • COVID FAQ - Read here.
  • CMS Use of Industrial Respirators - Read here.
  • Homecare Hospice Checklist - Read here.
  • CHAP Coronavirus Info Sheet - Read here.

A Guide for Homecare Workers during the Pandemic

Homecare workers are a critical resource to their patients and their families during a crisis or pandemic. They need to be sure to care for their own families and themselves first, so they can comfortably care for their patients in the home care setting. Reviewing personal Emergency Plans with family, ensuring personal contact lists are updated, and ensuring their families know who to contact when they are at work are important planning steps to take. This flyer is focused on what homecare workers can do to prepare themselves, their families, and their patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Download Homecare Workers Guide

A Guide for Individuals During the Pandemic

If you have a routine or daily prescription, it is important to plan ahead. During a pandemic, medications and supplies may be delayed; this can be life-threatening. Talk to your health care provider about which medical supplies you should have on hand during the pandemic.

Download COVID Caregiver Fact Sheet

COVID-19 Vaccines and Vaccination

All current COVID-19 vaccines are approved under Emergency Authorization Use (EAU) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). These vaccines are considered safe and effective at preventing people from getting COVID-19. Currently, there are three authorized and recommended vaccines, with more being studied and expected to obtain approval.

Download COVID Vaccines and Vaccinations

A Guide for COVID-19 Testing During the Pandemic

There are COVID-19 tests available for current infections and testing to determine possible past infection with the disease. A viral test can tell if the person has a current infection. There are two types of viral tests: antigen testing and nucleic acid amplification tests (NAATs). An antibody test may be able to determine if an individual has a current infection.

Download COVID Testing During the Pandemic

Maryland Department of Health FAQs

Video Public Service Announcements [PSAs]

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