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Webinars & Recordings

This section provides you with access to webinars and recordings.

Presentations - 2023

Workplace Violence Prevention for Home Care Professionals (Administrators/Managers) (April 2023)

Webinar Materials:

Webinar Recording:


Join us in this webinar as Master Police Officer, Allen Perry shares with the audience:

  • the impact of implementing de-escalation as a strategy on preventing potential violence in the workplace. 
  • the importance of crafting policies and procedures that promote a culture of safety. 
  • the benefits of providing comprehensive employee workplace training on workplace violence preparedness. 
  • the value of investing in tools and technologies that support employee safety.

Presentations - 2022

Disaster Preparedness for the LGBTQ+ Community (March 2022)

Webinar Slides:

Summary: Being prepared for a disaster often means that you are able to recover faster and easier. In this webinar we will discuss ways that members of the LGBTQ+ Community can be more prepared when a disaster happens. What steps should you take now to prepare, and what should you do if a disaster impacts you.

Other languages available:

Chinese   |   French   |   Russian   |   Spanish   |   Vietnamese
Consideration for the LGBTQ+ in Your Organization's/Community's Emergency Planning and Disaster Response (March 2022)

Webinar Slides:

Summary: Disasters don't discriminate, but often an organization or community's response to an emergency overlooks the needs of all community members who have been impacted. In this training we will discuss factors that emergency planners, service providers, and disaster responders should consider ensuring that the LGBTQ+ community is included in a community's response after a disaster.

Other languages available:

Chinese   |   French   |   Russian   |   Spanish   |   Vietnamese

Presentations - 2018

EP Resource Guide Updates Webinar August 14, 2018


Partnering with the Medical Supply Chain During a Disaster Webinar - February 27, 2018


Presentations - 2017

Presentations - 2016

Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Homecare Providers - December 7, 2016

Recording: Click here to access the recording.
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How To Use The Maryland Emergency Preparedness Manual For Your Home Care Company - February 10, 2016


Presentations - 2015

Severe Weather Preparedness for Vulnerable Populations - May 19, 2015


Presentations - 2014

The Critical Role of Home Care Providers in Emergency Preparedness and Response - July 1, 2014


Emergency Preparedness in Maryland - June 12, 2014


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